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5 Tips for Family Photos

5 Tips for Fall Photos

tips for fall photos autumn photos plaid scarf fall scarf kancan jeans rust sweater umgee sweater hat brown hat camel hat felt hat
Fall is here and we enjoy capturing the beautfy of the outdoors with a family photo. Often in our family this photo is used for our Christmas card. 
How do you go about choosing outfits for your family photos? 
We called on our favorite local photographer for advice, Ashley Kimbrough and she gave us some great tips below!
Purple Listicle Sweater Chunky Knit Sweater
Fall Photo Tip #1
Decide on the feel you want, formal vs. casual.  The location of the session may help decide this.  For example, formal attire in a field may not make sense.
umgee top umgee shirt kancan jeans high waisted jeans felt hat gray hat dalmation print
jumpsuit fall photos fall jumpsuit
Photo Tip #2
Coordinate outfits, but not identical outfits. 

How do you coordinate?  Pick a color scheme.  Pinterest can be your bff for this! Pick 3-4 colors to mix and match.

fall scarf fall sweater fall cardigan rust cardigan umgee


boho shirt purple sweater cozy sweater kancan jeans high rise jeans fall outfit winter outfit

Photo Tip #3

 No big logos. Patterns are good,

as long as they don’t take away too much from your faces. 

umgee shirt cheetah print leopard print brown hat fall outfit fall cheetah

Photo Tip #4

Accessories are a fun way to add interest to the outfit and can even be fun for posing. Think hats or scarves that can be taken off and held or wrapped around. 

A linked necklace you can wind around your fingertips or cute sunglasses that can be pushed down for a playful look. 

Kancan Jeans Skinny Jeans Button Fly Beanie Fur Beanie Crochet Beanie Handmade Turquoise Beaded Necklace Purple Sweater Fall Photo Outfit
cheetah hat leopard hat fall hat felt hat accessory fall accessories
Photo Tip #5
Try to have fun, interacting with each other looks great and helps with the kids having a more natural smile.
I've been know to bribe our kids with candy afterwards. Whatever works, right?!
Family photos are treasured for years and
we hope these tips help for your next session! 
Big thanks to our favorite photographer, Ashley Kimbrough Photography for the photo tips AND if you are in the NW Arkansas or SW Missouri area, be sure to check her out. Her speciality is capturing engagement and wedding photos. 

 Ashley Kimbrough Photography

ashley kimbrough photography wedding photography



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